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Citrine/Herkimer Diamond Chips/Clear Quartz           18" length



Chakra: Solar Plexus

Strengthens concentration; encourages inner calm & ability to be more analytical; assists eye problems; detoxifies the blood; relieves digestive upsets; helps menopausal problems such as hot flashes & tiredness.



Chakra: Third Eye

Herkimer Diamonds are called “attunement stones" and are useful in attuning you with others, your surroundings, or new energies. Herkimer Diamonds is said to bring visions and an increase in psychic experiences. Help to relieve tensions, producing a peaceful calm.

Quartz Crystal

Chakra: All

A feel better stone. Improves quality of life, feel happier, and re-energizes you in situations. Channels any energy. Helps diabetes ear infections, hearing & balance, and heart health. Focuses the mind, aids meditation, and relieves negativity.


Citrine/Herkimer Diamond Chips/Clear Quartz Dragonfly 18"

SKU: N247
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