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Chakra: Heart


Strawberry Quartz is very powerful, but the vibration of Strawberry Quartz is actually quite gentle. The energy of Strawberry Quartz can amplify intentions of love, gratitude and generosity, and can radiate those vibrations outward.

It is helpful to work with Strawberry Quartz when undergoing a spiritual crisis or when on a spiritual quest. For new initiates on the spiritual path, Strawberry Quartz can help you to gain insights into yourself and inspiration regarding how to improve on it. It can also help when learning about past lives and astral travel, gathering information on these endeavors.


Working with Strawberry Quartz can stabilize an unbalanced energy field and bring guidance to the Higher Heart. For those who work in a fast-paced environment, Strawberry Quartz can be soothing and calming.

Strawberry Quartz 7.5" Stainless Steel Animal Charm Bracelet

SKU: B212
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